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Float Valves

Up to 7500 PSI

Float Valve cages made from hi-tech alloys coated with Xylan, the most successful fluoropolymer coating in the world, dramatically reduces corrosion and erosion.
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Gate Valves

7500 & 5000 PSI

Gate valves designed for high pressure service, minimizing downtime, allowing inspection and inline repair.

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Relief Valves

7500 & 5000 PSI

Relief valves designed with pressure sensitive features for maximizing production.

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Float Gate Relief Valve Manufacturing Companies

Welcome to Drillmax, Inc., a leader in after-market gate, relief and float valve manufacturing. We also provide our clients with products that include down hole and surface valves, mud gauges, mud guns and cones for desanders and desilters.

Since 1996, we have worked hard for the clients that we serve. These clients belong to a wide range of industries, but we specialize in working alongside oil and gas operations. As one of the leading gate valve manufacturing companies, we can promise a few things:

  • High quality products: As a leader in float, gate and relief valve manufacturing, we offer our clientele access to quality-made products that are constructed of the durable materials needed to withstand the extreme conditions of your application. This includes high pressure, extreme temperatures and more. Our products are OEM-compliant and we provide a vast selection.
  • Affordable price point: The financial bottom line of your operation is always something to consider. However, you never want to compromise quality in the name of affordability. Drillmax has brought together both to provide incredible value for your dollar. Not only are our products economical, but they last.
  • Expert customer service: While we do excel in gate, relief and float valve manufacturing, another reason that so many clients choose to work with Drillmax is because of our unmatched level of customer service. We are personally invested in our clients and want to meet their business needs. You are able to tap into the collective expertise of our knowledgeable and experienced engineers and sale reps.

As one of the leading float, relief and gate valve manufacturing companies, our products are used out in the field throughout the entire world. This is a true testament to how we excel in offering the oil and gas industry highly effective products.

Consult with the team at Drillmax, Inc.

We encourage you to discuss your needs with our team. We can walk you through our extensive selection of float, gate and relief valves, in addition to the many other products we provide.

We will provide you with a detailed breakdown on how the superior engineering of these products can benefit you and your operation. Our team is also available to provide you with a free quote on all potential orders.